There are currently two known bugs in WPN (none of which are caused by Hiroku):

-Sometimes player notes won’t appear over the players:
Hiroku has a storage for all the player notes that gets saved and thus allowing the script to work even when the notes are not shown. This system saves the note when it gets shown on screen for the first time for a player, so your first days of use with Hiroku in this site will require you to tag people when their tag doesn’t appear. After the player tag is saved by Hiroku, you will no longer have to worry about tagging these players, even if the tag doesn’t appear, Hiroku will recognize them and seat you accordingly.

Steps of use:

1)Table is already open.

2) Are player tags shown on screen? If so, you’re done! these people’s tags are now saved in Hiroku’s local database. If not continue to step 3.

3) Tag any player in that table. Done! Now every player’s tag in that table will be stored in the local database.



Waiting Lists are not working

Once it’s your turn in a waiting list, WPN is not opening the table for you, thus making you loose your turn. This will be fixed once we launch the new lobbyscanner for the site.