Hey guys!


On the last versions of Hiroku and with the upcoming changes there are some regards to be taken on how to run the program so you don’t interfeer with Hiroku’s scanning.


In you installation folder for Pokerstars (normally “C:/Program Files(86)/Pokertars”), you will find many files. What you need to do is to ALWAYS run the file that says “Pokerstars.exe”, instead of running the file “PokerStarsUpdate.exe”, the shotcut desktop icon points to the udpater so you must delete it!


What you can do to always run the correct exe, is deleting the desktop shortcut for Pokerstars, and then creating a new one to the Pokerstars.exe file, like this:


If you deleted the other shortcut, you are now good to go! Never run PokerstarsUpdater,exe again unless we tell you to do it specifically!