We will be answering some questions that we encounter a lot regarding TableScan Turbo(TST):


  • What’s TST for?

TST is a 3rd party software that automatically opens the tables from different lobbies based on a custom configuration set by you.

  • Doesn’t Hiroku already do that?

No! Even though we are working on our own table opener (which is coming out soon), you’ll need TST if you want to care about absolutely nothing regarding the table selection process.

  • If I don’t buy/don’t want to use TST, what will be the table selection process like?

If you don’t use TST, you will have to manually open the tables in order for Hiroku to be able to scan them looking for fishes.

  • And if I use it?

Since we have an integration with TST, you can configure Hiroku to start running TST when you start scanning tables (in Hiroku), this can be found in the “Table Opener” section

If you don’t see this view under the Table Opener section, this probably means that there’s not a working version of TST for the site in which you are playing.

  • Where do I get TST?

By default, a preconfigured version of TST comes with Hiroku. You can open TST by clicking on the “Execute TableScan” button

You can also set Hiroku to automatically execute TableScan when you log in

  • How much does it cost?

Since we are not the product owners of TST, anything regarding license prices should be asked to their contact support or refer to the next link: http://www.tablescanturbo.com/purchase/

  • Can I get support for TST from you?

We try to sort the questions we can about TST but we do not support the software, If you are experiencing problems with it you should contact their support: http://www.tablescanturbo.com/support/